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David M. Wallace

Eighty years as a construction nomad. Thumbed to Kansas when I was 16, cycled to texas at 19, worked construction as a trades person laying out control, up to 21 strories on open steel until I was 34. Received an engineering degree and MBA at 35. 

History and post cards have always been an avocation. Collected post cards from 1916 to 1919 from GI's to the US and Free Cards from GI's 1942 to 1946. 

Want to share the collection. Built a blog, ( and posted some sample cards. Also listed most of the 4000 free cards that I have in my collection, with the sendees and senders in an alpha matrix.

Please go to my list and find people that you have information about, i.e. relatives, neighbors and talk to me about the people. I will post cards if you leave reference infromation about the people and want specifics about the cards. 

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